Orion Stack

Video remote

Orion Stack manages both old and new IP technologies for set-top boxes. It has been utilized by leading operators for fifteen years and is responsible for coordinating the operation of legacy and advanced features. With its proven track record, Orion Stack has been deployed on a massive scale, supporting millions of set-top boxes. Its success in delivering improved user interfaces has been acknowledged with three Emmy awards.

Orion Stack is compatible with a wide range of hardware, currently operating on more than 150 set-top models from major vendors in various Orion Matrix managed network environments.

To ensure compatibility with diverse user interfaces on different set-top box generations, Stack offers support for the following:

Orion Stack is designed to accommodate popular premium native apps and app stores. Since its initial deployment in 2004, the platform has consistently demonstrated carrier-grade performance, reliably meeting the service level agreements (SLAs) of Tier I operators.

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