Orion Previsor

IP/Telephony Network Management System
Server room

Orion Previsor is a scalable platform for managing customer IP and Ethernet data networks. It offers robust support for FCAPs functionality and enhances network management capabilities. It can be deployed on various hardware platforms, and supports virtualized environments, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware. It utilizes open source software such as Linux, OpenNMS, PostGres, and OpenJDK/Oracle JDK. From small installations to large-scale networks with up to 200,000 devices, Orion Previsor provides comprehensive network management solutions.

Orion Previsor offers a wide range of features for comprehensive network management. These features include:

Fault Management

Detecting and managing network faults or failures to minimize downtime and ensure service availability.

Performance Management

Monitoring and analyzing network performance metrics to optimize performance and identify areas for improvement.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management

Tracking and managing compliance with service level agreements to ensure quality of service.

Inventory Management

Keeping track of network devices, their configurations, and software versions for efficient management and troubleshooting.

Selectable views of managed elements

Providing customizable views of network elements for easier monitoring and management.

Network Element Software Upgrade Management

Facilitating software upgrades for network devices in a controlled and efficient manner.

Network Element Syslog collection and display management

Collecting and managing system logs from network elements for troubleshooting and analysis.

Network Element Backup and Restore

Enabling backup and restoration of network device configurations for disaster recovery and configuration management.

Network Element Reachthrough

Allowing direct access to network elements for troubleshooting and configuration purposes.

Node Display and Search

Providing a user-friendly interface for displaying and searching network nodes or devices.

Support for 'single sign-on' for users

Integrating with CA Siteminder application to enable seamless authentication and access control.

User Activity Log

Recording and tracking user activities for auditing and security purposes.

Automatic and Manual alarm synchronization

Synchronizing alarms between Orion Previsor and managed network elements to ensure timely and accurate notifications.

Orion Previsor system Geo-Diversity

Supporting geographical diversity of Orion Previsor system components for enhanced resilience and disaster recovery.

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