Orion Matrix

Video device

Orion Matrix, the Cloud API management and integration platform for back-end video service operations. Utilizing lightweight, containerized Kubernetes/Docker technology, Matrix consists of microservices that can be flexibly centralized or distributed across the video service delivery environment and cloud infrastructure. Whether for specific use cases or comprehensive BSS/OSS system orchestration, Matrix offers a cost-effective solution with seamless integration capabilities.

Here's how it works:

Matrix serves as an API management platform, functioning as an integration bus that comes preconfigured for BSS/OSS systems in video service delivery. It seamlessly integrates over 100 BSS/OSS vendor system APIs into a unified data model, encompassing various components such as backoffice, conditional access, metadata, billing, VOD, nDVR, SDV, OTT apps, search engines, recommendation engines, ad decision engines, and data collection APIs.

By connecting systems through Matrix, each system becomes an application that can be reused by others, breaking the constraints of the traditional closed architecture and enabling the video service delivery network to operate like any modern IT network. Matrix has a proven track record of reliability, supporting Tier I operator SLAs since its inception in 2004.

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