Your data has a story to tell. Bring it to life with visualization.

No more hunches or hesitation – make crucial decisions the data-driven way through business intelligence with Analance. See your data come to life in interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards.

Map out your analytics narrative

Whether you want to figure out why your customers are unhappy or get a better idea of how your market might respond to your new product, business intelligence allows you to deep dive into your data and get the whole story.
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ways to connect your data
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ways to visualize your data

Seamless discovery customization collaboration

It doesn’t have to be hard to get the answers you need. Even non-technical users can play around with data. Analance has guided workflows and intuitive validation messages to make reporting easier, more intuitive, and more interactive—no IT support necessary.
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Easily change and manipulate advanced options as needed. Refine reports with features like standard aggregation and calculations, data filters, parameter prompts, grouping, and sorting.
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Design your dashboards in any way you want. Customize based on unique business requirements using an intuitive, point-and-click display and save preferences for future reference. Export reports in multiple formats.


Decisions shouldn’t be made in silos. Build live dashboards with a real-time data feed and share reports and analysis across the organization—with set preferences for access. Easily share comments and schedule report generation and distribution.

Your idea of success, visualized

Explore dashboards created with Analance.

Ready to see data the new way

Experience data-first thinking like never before with the Analance Platform.